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Success Story - Combine Biodynamic Agriculture and Renewable Energy

DMD New Technologie and its French partner, Solea, have successfully completed the photovoltaic installation for the Bulgarian company Versol to supply its biofarm in Lik (Bulgaria) with solar energy.

Versol, specialized in biodynamic agriculture, wished to combine energy autonomy and sustainable development to allow its bio-farm, not connected to the public electricity network, to meet its energy needs thanks to renewable energy.

This project allows to benefit from a self-consumption photovoltaic installation controlled by a hybrid cabinet of 30 kVA and an energy smart manager, for a PV power of 30 kWp, with a planned extension of 30 additional kWp. The installation is also equipped with 108 kWh of battery storage.

DMD New Technologies has enabled the Bulgarian company Versol to find innovative solutions in terms of:

  • Anticipation of the future extension of the photovoltaic field and integration and control of third party equipment in the system;

  • Integration of an intelligent load control system;

  • Control of a generator without adding an additional control panel.

DMD New Technologies is very proud to have participated in this project, allowing the reconciliation of biodynamic agriculture and renewable energy.

For more information on Versol and the biodynamic agriculture:

Versol bioferm, Lik (Bulgaria)

Photovoltaic installation, Versol bioferm, Lik (Bulgaria)

Fresh products, bioferm Versol

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